Mitchell Royèl is a multi-talented personality, and performance artist. Royèl has his finger on the pulse of today’s Millennial culture. Royèl’s followers are routinely treated to a plethora of uplifting and inspirational quotes, which help them to bring their vision for the future into the present moment. Royèl speaks the language of today’s Millennials and is in a unique position to get through to the modern Millennial in a way in which others often struggle. Royèl represents the shift in how Millennials live their lives in this day-and-age. He notes that in the past, individuals created small clubs and networking groups; these days, Millennials are creating and leading networks and clubs with hundreds of thousands in virtual attendance. Royèl understands this shift better than anyone and he’s determined to help others build upon their own platform. “Your story is the key that can unlock someone else’s prison,” Royèl communicated in a recent tweet. In another post, he encouraged his tween fan base to embrace reality and focus on working hard in the present moment, saying: “Tomorrow never comes. Remember that. Do what you have to do in this moment -- even if it's not the perfect ‘moment.’” Another of Royèl’s many poignant tweets, declared: “It’s not about having time. It’s about creating time.” His twitter tagline reads, “place the crown on your head.” It’s a fitting piece of advice from a man whose stage name conjures up images of ‘royalty.’ But make no mistake: Mitchell Royèl is not some high-throned snob. He’s a down-to-earth, hard-working individual who hundreds of thousands around the world genuinely relate to and admire.